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Hey World of people looking for and to help!

my name is Amy M. W.. well ill keep that part to myself.:)

Obviously i am looking for help just as much as EVERYONE else on this website.. which by the way Grandmas Brownie Points to whoever invented this site! And so,, here goes my plee:

There is this program,, im sure some of you have heard of,, called People to People Student Ambassadors Program. Yeah so im just going to be honest.. id like to go. haha. I have been invited to go on the European Discovery Program.  It explores

  1. Paris, France
    the Eiffel Tower
    the Basilique du Sacre Coer
    -the Notre Dame Cathedral
    -the Opera Quarter
    - the historic Montmare area
    -the famous Musee du Louvre (including the Mona Lisa
    -the Chateau de Versailles
  2. Zurich, Switzerland
    -Yummy Swiss chocolate
    -Downtown Surich
  3. Lucerne, Switzerland
    -the picturesque Kapellbrucke bridge
    -the Lion Monument
    -local shopkeepers
  4. Austria
       >Lunch at Villa Blanka
       >Bake your own desert: Famous Austrian               
       >salt mines of Hallein
       >ride mine trolley or wooden slides in the heart of
          the mountain
       >Hellbrunn water casle
       >the Austrian daily life while staying with a host
       >Mauthausen concentration camp
       >castle town of Friesch with medieval dinner at
          Strassburg Castle.
       >the work of local residents at mills and farms
       >Meet and chat with a survivor of a concentration
       >attend concert at famous concert house
  5. Venice, Italy
    -bustling alleys, bridges, and canals
    -Grand Canal
    -Venetian glass blowing
  6. Tuscany, Italy
    -Renaissance city of Florence
    -Accademia Gallery
    -Michelangelo's great statue David
    -Leaning Tower of Pisa
  7. Rome, Italy
    -Roman Forum
    -Piazza Navona
    -the Pantheon
    -the Spanish Steps
    -the Trevi Fountain
  8. Vatican City, Vatican
    -St. Peter's Basilica
    -the Sistine Chapel

As you can see, this experiance would be probably one of the most enriching experiances of my highschool career, if not my life. Honestly, who wouldn't want to go on a trip like this.. right? But specifically, why do I want to go on this trip?

I have a love for history. Now, you have to understand im not talking about the "sit-in-a-desk-in-Small-Town, America-listening-to-your-90-year-old-history-teacher-lecture" kind of history. Yes, that is part of history and there is some important details in those high school world history books, but how much do you actually learn from them? Do you learn from our ancestors mistakes? Do you know how it feels to stand in their spot at the time? Do you have any idea at all about their experiances? How can you know what your grandmother means when she tells of "her first taste of Swiss chocolate" if you've never tasted it?

I believe everyone should have the chance to explore our worlds complex history. Everyone should have the privalage to stand where our ancestors once stood. No, we wont know exactly their thoughts or all of thier feelings, but we will be that much closer to understanding our past. We can't have a future until we understand our past.

I know I am just one girl in this humungous world. I know that none of you know me or have any reason to help me achieve my goal. But I also know if you never give up faith, if you believe it enough, if you give your all.. you will achieve success. So I am asking for Your help.

The cost is 5,999 American dollars just for the tuition. Extra costs are: spending money, passport, and zone fares.

Im not neccessarily asking for money. I am also asking for information, maybe fundraising ideas, encouraging words, your prayers. I am asking for all of you to believe in me. Anything you can do, will be helpful in some way, whether big or small.

Thank you for your time. You've already done so much just by reading this note, through. If I can help you.. Holla!

XoXo A.

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tennessee mom

Hello I am the mother of 3 and I have recently lost my full time job. I am our only source of income. I have applied for food stamps and am going this week for rently assistance. I dont have cable or heat (2 electric heaters). The only thing that I have for the kids is their computer and the phone is due to be shut off any day. We don't have money for Christmas. If anyone would be so kind as to help just a little this holiday season we will return the money after taxes in January. I lost my mother to cancer 3 years ago this month or I would ask her for the help. May God Bless everyone this holiday season.

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I am a single mother of 2 children. A couple of months ago I had to have surgery ,which meant I had to quit my job. I am now unemployed  currently looking for work since I was released from the doctor. I am asking for help with bills and may a gift card so that I can at least get my kids something for christmas

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Mom of 2 teens

Hi, I am in need of financial assistance to getcaught up on my bills.....I just changed jobs due to being allergic to the metals I was running.  My new job is a temp job and sends me home without pay if they run out of work.  I'm limited to what I can do since I found out I have Fibromyalgi

I wasn't paid for the Thanksgiving holiday, so that set me back, plus I was out sick a couple of days and that really set me back.  I just need help with my utilities and my rent.  Any help or suggestions would really be great.

Thank you and God bless!!


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in response to...

i know exactly where you are at.  i did not know where to turn either.  i would do anything to send you what you i could.  i read these stories on here and i only wish i could help but i am in such need myself and i am so used to giving.  yesterday i found myself at catholic charities and i have to say they were so helpful.  they were able to guide in so many directions that i was not aware of.  it was just nice to sit with someone who was on my side for a change and at least be able to give me some phone numbers to start with.  i will keep you in my prayers.


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Hello, like everyone else I'm looking for help (information).  My husband broke his arm on Tues, hospital wrapped it, told him to see orthopedic and sent him home.  In Granbury,TX, no insurance means, no doctor will even talk to you.  It's Sat and he is laying here with an ace bandage on a midshaft radius fracture, no pain killers, no hope.  Where can I take him, he was laid off so we do receive unemployment, but that doesn't seem to matter to the medical community not enough money to work with.  My kids and I are scared please give me some ideas, some hope!

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Hello my name is Kelly and I am 29 I have a two year old daughter Myanah and an almost 10 year old son, Brendan.  The holidays are stressing me out beyond belief.  Recently I was ill and lost out on pay at work I work full time and just finished attending college for medical insurance billing and coding.  At my current job I just barly make it if I work 40+ hours a week with the children and I both getting sick I missed out on alot of work and this looks like it will be a pretty dismal Christmas.  I have tried to contact agencies for help.  I would love to see my children smile on Christmas morning when they open there presents but I don't have money to even buy food.  My Mom told me to write Oprah ah ha funny like she would even get it before then.  I want to cry....Please any help would be greatly apprciated.

Thank you and enjoy the holidays

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Hi, I'm not sure how this works or if I'm even posting in the right area. anyway, I'm a single mom of a teenage boy who will soon be moving out on his own. I thought about getting him the kind a presents that someone would need getting their very first place! any help would be GREAT. Thank you so much!

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in response to...

I don't know where are you living right know I mean the state but I know that the health department can refer you for rental assistance or give you money to rent a place of your own. Hope this idea will help.

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i went and did a vote for ya

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i'm needing some help this christmas not for me but for my 4 kids if you know someone that can help please do let me know my email is thanks in advance


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hello??????? does anyone know anything or anyone who could help me situation- i dont really need money i need a car and a way to get rid of my other car to get a car if someone could help my situation please let me know- i see people got in here but there has got to be some way to fix this without declaring bankruptcy

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I am having a problem if someone can help me or suggest something that would be great. I bought a car last year from  a dealer who sepcialized in 2nd chance loans- bad credit anyway- they took advantage of that and sold me a car which  I have had for exactly one year. I got an 02 explorer in august  06 and the transmission went on it last month. I got it with 59000 miles and it now got 98000 miles .  I financed it for 15,000 and owe 12000. i tried to give it back to the dealer- they said I have to have a cosigner. They sold as is with no warranty only for 30 days. I cannot get anyone to take the car for a trade as right now it is worth about 3000 which leaves 9000 negative equity. I have been without a car for one month told the finance company to take the car back they said they dont do that they will just garnish the payment out of my check, I have 3 kids under 12 and no trasnportation to get anywhere. If someone knows of something that could help this situation, then please let me know. I need a company who will take the 02 for a trade with no deposit and finance me something else or someone who will come buy the junk outside so I could get something else or call DIEHL motors in YORK, PA and make them take their piece of junk back and give me something else because I have to no avail got anywhere. Please let me know Thanks.

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i have a family of 6 with four teenage boys. Were in desperate need of some help for the holidays. my family and i just
 lost our home and had to move in with a family with six of their own.
 Things are tight and my husband is on unemployment due to work slowing
Were going thru some really rough times and there's just not enough
 money there.
I pray every night that every day brings us closer to getting us out of
 our situation so we can call some place our home.


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Just to start this page... I do not usually ask for help and I am a very prideful person so this is really hard for me to even ask. We do not have any gov. assistance and have been on our own since the begining. But the saying "When it Rains it Pours" well thats us.  At the end of January when, hopefully, we are back on our feet, I want to pay it forward by donating some of our tax refund to someone on here. But until then here is our story:
Recently I have been hit hard with medical bills and they became so far behind and they weren't getting what they wanted so I now have a garnishment on my paycheck. I have 2 children (1 and 3) and I live with my fiance of 7 years. He is very stuborn and would rather live in a car than ask for help. He tries so hard but he had back surgery 1 month ago and cant return to work for another 2 months. We would of had disability insurance but it canceled him 6 months ago due to a lung issue. So here is my problem. Due to the garnishment of 40%, my car insurance is 2 months behind ($160) and My car payment is 1 month behind ($187) My water is $98, My gas is about to be shut off on the 5th of December ($85)Electric is on disconnect ($80) My phone is behind 2 months ($319) which is how I make some extra money selling things on ebay(which averages out to be about $25-30/month), and now rent ($780) is due on the first of December and we currently have $51.00 in the bank. For us to get out of the red this month it will take $2000 dollars!  I am not asking this from any one person but I am begging (remind you, I am not a person that begs but I am desperate) small amounts from many. In order for me to get to work this week I am only spending $30 on groceries for a family of 4. Little lone think of Christmas coming! I don't know how that is even going to happen. I have been trying to make things work but I have only been coming up short. We don't smoke, drink, or buy things we don't need so our money only goes to the important things. If you can help I would be so thankful! I am humbled that there is even a site out there for this kind of thing. If you can't help please all I ask for is your prayers that everything will work out okay. Thanks for looking and have a Happy Holidays! Remember I will pay it forward.  My email is
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Hi, I have never posted on a page this way before.  I am a working mom of three great kids 13, 7, & 3.  My fiance and I are working paycheck to paycheck and trying to keep things going.  My mother who has dementia lives with us and we are trying to take care of her too.  We are doing ok with the bills and rent.  I just don't know what to do about Christmas for my kiddos.  The United Christmas Service here in Indiana isn't accepting applications from my area this year.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks and have a very blessed Christmas.

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hello there do you all have a social service up there they can help you our you can got on houseing that low income section 8 if you work a little and your pay is not that much your rent will be 25 dollars

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iam from india,servent of great god.yours plzzzz

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What area are you in?

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I hope with all my heart that someone out there is reading this right now and is feeling encouraged to help me.  I am in a mess, and don't know what I am going to do about Christmas or my rent.

I'm a single mom who attends college full time and is working from home, making minimum wage.  It's hard to make ends meet, and everything that can go wrong has.  Now I don't know how I will pay my rent, and have no where to go if I can't pay it.  And I don't know what I am going to do about Christmas for my daughter.

Many of you may find this strange, but my daughter just turned 13 this year, and she still believes in Santa.  She knows I have no money for Christmas presents, and she has told me that it's okay, because Santa will help her out.  I'm contemplating telling her that Santa is not real, but I hate to break her heart about him; she's had a lot of turmoil in her life, and for years it has only been her and me and Santa.

If anyone knows how I can get help, please let me know.  Anything at all would be greatly appreciated.  I just can't tell my daughter that Santa isn't real; it would dissapoint her so much, and I feel I have already let her down enough.

So please, help me if you can.  You can contact me at my email address:

Thank you for reading this, and God bless you.  I wish you happy holidays. 

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