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 in response to belle14007...   

You're kidding, right? "invited"? when people extend "invitations," they don't ask to be paid.

This is my first visit to this terrific website.

I'm a single mom of twin teens, take care of my 84 y.o. mom, can't find a job, "overqualified" is what I've been told, 52 may be the real reason, no health insurance, one month behind on mortgage, one week away from utilities cut off, selling home items on ebay for $$, and diagnosed as schizophrenic and manic despressive.

My son applied for an academic program in DC where they go to class 6 days a week, debate current issues every evening, live in a college dorm, learn how our government works and earn a semester of credit if they pass the test. He is planning a law career to help the needy. He has to raise every dollar to go. He is writing every single person he can think of and is working to earn his money. He has a 3.5 GPA, will earn his Eagle Scout this summer and go on at least one Church Mission trip in the rural South. It would never dawn on him to post a request here for money to go to Europe on a sight seeing trip when there are posts up and down the page here from people who are just trying their best to keep a home for their children, food on the table and gas in the car to go to work.

Did you even read the plight of these families and individuals who have posted their stories here? After reading them, I am going to pray for these families because I am grateful for what I have and see that so many are less fortunate than our family.

Advice to you to go on your dream travel summer: Get a job. Do some local fundraising by seeing what you can do for others to earn a little money. Think it over again - is going to Europe this summer really all that important or would there be an opportunity in your community to help children learn to read, assist the seniors who have no one or raise a little money for those who are hungry?

Then Pray for those less fortunate than you. And be grateful for America.

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i need help now to pay off my debts

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Mrs. F

I need help well more like guidance. I would like to know if anyone knows of any medical assisting positions in the Inland Empire, CA. Work has been so dry out here lately we are slowly but surely going broke. I have enough money saved to pay my rent for the next few months but after that if I can not find work I will be SOL. I would also like to know if anyone knows of any full scholarships out there for a Nursing program. I was on the honor roll and my GPA is 3.75 and I would like to further my career in healthcare but do not have that kind of money for school and childcare for my son. Please any little bit of information would help. Thanks in advance.

Mrs. F

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To Who It may corcern.
          I am 49yrs old  divorced I live in kite. I have 3 sons that live at home with me.
I am not working I was collecting off of my Ex Husband SSI# he lives in Mo.He had got cut off his SSI#.
Which we was collecting .
But in Jan 3 2008 we did not recive a check I called and I was told that my check was cut off due to my ex husband was working.So as it states in my divorce papers my ex husband had to pay child support.
I filed with the child support and they said it could take up to mo.s for me to get a check.I get food stamps but that aint enough.I been to the churchs but if your not a member they wont help you. I had to sell my pick up truck to be able to pay me rent and my light bill last mo. I am almost out of food and my rent will be due next mo and my light bill and water bill  is due now: I am stuck in proverty really bad I need away to get on my feet and help my family i am all they have.
I need help please can you help me or tell me who i can talk to .
                               Thank you for reading this may God Bless you all for helping the people that need the help
                                                              Rosemarie McNeal
P.O. Box Kite Ga.31049
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hi, i have a 6 year old cousin. she has a lump on her throat and the doctors think it may be cancerous. her parents can't afford insurance but dont qualify for medicaide or chip.  on dec. 15 my 10 yr old cousin died of strep type A Strep Toxic Shock Syndrome.  My family can't handle much more heartache right now.  is there any way to get some VERY affordable insurance or anything?

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Hi, my daughter and I moved into a house in December and were lied to about how much it would cost to heat it. I have spent $1200 since Dec 22, 07 on heating oil. We have complained to the landlords and they are finally getting someone to look at the furnace, but I am completely out of savings, and out of heating oil again and it is still COLD!! We are having to use lots of blankets and dress very warmly and have been using the stove for a little at a time to get some heat.It is still in the low teens here at night and low thirties in the days with lots of wind.  I talked to an attorney and he said I could sue for failure to disclose on this, but I would get kicked out and we have no where else to go and no money now for a deposit on another place.

I work full time, am in college full time and on the deans list, and do not qualify for any assistance because I work full time ($8.00) and own my vehicle and have to much "equity" to recieve help. I am where I can pay rent for this month, or get heat. I can not use a space heater - I had one overheat and burn down a house several years ago and I am terrified of them. I don't know any other options.

I don't get child support because my ex-husband was very abusive and is in prison for 15 years for attempted murder on me. His family blames me and has written us off. My family has no money to help us. I am terrified of failing my daughter again. Please help us. We are praying desperately. We just need money to help us get more heating oil or with a deposit to get into a better place that has a better source of heat. Thanks

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 in response to redfernmom...   

I don't know which state you are but theres Federal help of transitional housing program and they should be able to help you with rent, utilities and weekly allowances for food for your and your daughter until you get on your feet.  I'm a member of a Family Support Group in my community and we have families that they're on this program.  Please contact your local Shelter and ask them of this program.  They should be able to help you.  I'm a single mom of three kids and I do understand your frustration.  Good luck to you...

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My husband and I have both lost our jobs in the past 3 years.  While we are currently working full-time, unfortunately it is not at the rate of pay we were currently making at our long term jobs (9 years and 17 years).  We have filed bankruptcy and are in risk of having our home foreclosed upon.  Our family (including a 3 year old and 5 year old) is now without health insurance because our budget can not afford anything additional.

 I've looked to all of these government programs for help with our mortgage issue, but because we're in bankruptcy no one wants to help.  By the way, we filed Chapter 13, so we are trying to pay back our debts.

 Someone please help!  We're at our wits' end!

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I'm Trying to find Work and a home for my almost 2 year old son and i can live in a safer environment. I am having alot of trouble with trying to be a good responsible mother, i am practiically on my own my family is so busy with their lives ever since i was 15 and i just want my son to grow up in a better life than i did. does anyone know if there is some kind of help i can get just to get me started even if it is like a loan type thing.

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My name is Brandy and I am a 30 yr. old mother of 3. I am in desperate need of help with my teeth. I have severe tooth pain all the time and they break from eating almost anything. I went to the dentist yesterday and it is going to cost me 3900.00 to get all of my teeth fixed. Every tooth I have that doesn't have to be extracted has to be worked on.  I can't eat hardly anything because I have so many broken ones and I haven't been able to smile without my hand covering my mouth for years now. I have called several dentists in my city and none of them offer a payment plan. My teeth are twice as bad as they were just 13 months ago and if I don't get them fixed soon I am really going to be in trouble. Please, anyone that would be willing to help me with this I would appreciate it more than I could ever say.  I can email pictures to prove how bad they are. I could make payments also, I just have no credit and am in desperate need!
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hey my names brian. im 21 years old and have been on my own since i was 18. ever since then ive been doing plumbing, which is ok, but i want to go to school. the problem is i have no money, and i might not even be able to submit a fafsa because i no longer have contact with my parents! if anyone can help me with school grants and/or loans i'd sincerely appreciate it.

also its my goal to one day own my bussiness, if there's anyone good with business grants and/or loans i'd like to know how to go about that process.

Thanks again!


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friends of frank

Frank Vernacchio is a husband, father, grandfather and long time resident of Delaware County.  Frank is a self employed auto body repairman who suddenly suffered a heart attack which subsequently led to quadruple heart by-pass surgery and a long lengthy rehabilitation.  In this day and age it's unfortunate that many people suffer from cardiac illnesses; however in Frank's case it may be his passion for others that put the strain on his heart.  You see, Frank has touched the lives of not hundreds but thousands of families.  He is best known for being the guy who will 'Give you the shirt off his back'.

In addition to his auto body career, many years ago Frank began to get involved in youth ice hockey in the community.   Since then, Frank has volunteered thousands of hours to kids in the community sharpening their skates and using his technical skills to save families added expense by repairing their hockey equipment.  Because of Frank's generosity thousands of children are able to participate in something positive which is priceless in today's society.  Franks skills are not limited to just auto body and hockey, he is a knowledgeable person with a lifetime worth of experience that he has always offered to both friends and strangers.  He would sacrifice his own needs to help others without expecting any financial reward.  Frank is one in a million who sincerely helps others from the heart.  With that being said, now Frank needs our help.  Because of his recent health problems, Frank for the first time in over six decades is unable to work and will face financial hardships.  We, "The Friends of Frank"  (FOF) are reaching out desperately seeking help from any professionals and business owners who could make contributions or donations to help us raise money to help Frank in this time of need.

Anything you can offer will be greatly appreciated.  FOF is currently hosting a benefit on April 5, 2008 at the St. Kevin's Hall in Springfield to raise money for Frank and his family.  We are currently looking for items to be raffled off as well as paper goods, food, beverages and any other items that are used in these fundraiser's.


Friends of Frank (FOF)

Mail Financial Contributions to:

Friends of Frank (FOF)
P.O.  Box 185
Darby, PA  19023

(checks payable to Frank Vernacchio FOF)

If you are interested in donating any items, please contact Randi Taxin at

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I also need help with paying my car payments for February and March.

I need the car to get my interviews and Chemo therapy at the hospital.

If you can help out, please e-mail at


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If there is anyone out there who can help me with paying my bills and rent for March, providing some extra spending money for March, helping me get a job starting March 2, 2008 and helping with my legal situations, please e-mail me at


Talk to 55Merryl

My nickname is 55Merryl and I have Cancer, but I am unable to pay my premium for insurance, because the worker who was working on my case said I was ineligible to get medical assistance. He did not go over the entire law for the exemptions to find where I was eligile for medical assistance and he said he was not going to go over the entire law to look for the exemption. He was just too lazy to help.

I  live in Pennsylvania .  It was the same thing for Cash Assistance. As a result I have no income for the month of March.

I  will be able to get Disability, but the first I will receive will not be until April 16, 2008

I need an attorney to help me get cash assistance and medical assistance for the Month of March and I need assistance with paying my March's rent.

Also I need money to pay my Bills for March.

I am also looking for work in the area where I live. I live in the Wilkes Barre/Scranton, PA area. The kind of work I am looking for is Customer Service, Paralegal, Data Entry doing Medical Billing and Medical Insurance Claims. I need a job at the least starting around March 2, 2008 so that I have income coming into my household.

I used to work as an Unemployment Claims Interviewer with PA Department of Labor and Industry. The heman resource director of where I work is going around defaming me and telling everybody he can that I was a trouble maker when in fact I was not. He is even allowing former coworkers of mine to try to harass me and steal from me.  As a matter of fact, 3 of my former coworkers got a hold of my bank card and they charged about 200.00 to my account and I had to get my bank to reverse those charges. This happened in November, 2007 and I have hard evidence to that.

I need an attorney to help sue the director of human resources for defamation and harassment and to help me get reinstated right away back to my former job.

Is there anyone out there who can help me with my situation

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hey ! I'm mohsen from egypt 25 years old.

 I'm begenning my life with Difficult circumstances.

I need Partner with mony to do business with him.  

 I 've my shop , my power,my skills at computer & satallite system.

I need mony to start .

I promise i'll return ur mony when i earn mony.

I'm serious.

can i find him???



telephone no:


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 in response to karachenelly...   


PLease heal this woman.  Make her whole.  Let the 'blood of Jesus' heal her blood.  Let the 'body of Jesus' heal her body.  Deliver her from this affliction.  Bless her bread & bless her water.  Drive sickness from amongst her midst.  Give her a miracle.  Bless her disability to through quicker than she ever imagined.  Provide for all of her needs.  Bless her mother & her family.  Increase all of their finances.  Amen.

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I am a single mother of a mildly autistic 4 year old boy. Recently I was diagnosed with a severely developed case of systematic lupus, and during the diagnosis it was discovered that I have tumors in my lungs. I have been unemployed while I attend college and I donate most of my free time to my church or others who need help with household chores, grocery shopping, etc. I have always been a charitable woman, a good Christian, and always tried to do my best for me and my son. However, now I am in great need of a vehicle, a place to live, and and financial help that anyone can offer concerning clothing, groceries, and so on. I applied for disability but the waiting period where I live is between 6 months to a year and I haven't even been approved yet. Doctors are telling me I only have a few more years to "make it count" before I am completely bed ridden and will need 24 hour assistance. I have to go for dialysis and many other treatment programs because of damage done to my organs by Lupus. I currently do not have a car and I am in search of a charity that may be able to help- If any one knows something that might help me and my son in our situation I am DESPARATE at this point. I need these treatments to live and at this time I have no transportation ( there is no bus where I live, we live in the hills ) .

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I have nothing

I am a single father with 2 kids ..I have a 6year old dughter an a 5 year old son..My son is autistic an it is hard getting the help for him.I work full time but I dont have enough money to take care of everything ..I am searching for some one caring to help me an my situtation..If there is anyone out there that can help me ''please leave me a message...Any an every thing counts ... 


Talk to I have nothing

I'm looking for someone to please help me out financially, and PLEASE only those who are serious and no scams.  I know all these internet postings may be hard to reach someone who is serious about lending or giving people money but it's something that's worth trying to me!  I am 26 years old, with two kids (2 years and 5 months), my husband works full-time to try and make ends meet, I was laid off from my full time position a week before Christmas so as you can imagine the bills have begun to stack up. I was laid off right after returning from maternity leave so as you can imagine I was devastated. I begin my new full time job in three weeks, (when they could start me) however in the mean time we need financial assistance in order to make ends meet and pay mortgage, car payment and normal bills and also groceries for our two young sons.   PLEASE PLEASE help us out if you can, I am looking for at least $1500.  Any donations or contributions would be GREATLY appreciated, I do have a Pen Pal account we can use if you would like, if you would like more details on my situation or a breakdown of bills I would be GLAD to show anybody.  Thank you for taking the time to read this listing and God Bless.

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